**Please place a contact number on tape on your child’s hockey bag. This can be changed daily if needed, but is very helpful if your child gets sick or hurt or forgets something or has an equipment issue.**


1. First name MUST be on the front of child’s helmet. This helps us address the child by name, learn the name easier, and makes the child feel good.  Also any instructor will gravitate toward a child he can call by name. Remember to label your sticks, skates, gloves, all equipment as well as your water bottle hockey bag and anything else you bring. Place you name on every item your bring to hockey school.  We cannot return anything without a name. 

2. Skate Guards and NECK GUARDS are mandatory! Every child must have a pair of skate guards and a neck guard.  The hard plastic kind of skate guards is preferred.  Some kids will eat lunch in their equipment and need the skate guards to walk to lunch (in the building) and others need the skate guards to go from their locker room to the ice or the snack bar. 

3. Remember to bring a water bottle every day with your name on it. You will use it on and off the ice as well. You can place our PowerAde in after the morning skate.

4. No roughhousing, fighting, teasing, or bullying. You will have your parents notified and or be sent home.  This disrupts the whole hockey school and will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with someone tell Bruce, Andy or Ben.

5. Remember to bring a spare stick each day in case you break one.

6. Check your off ice schedule daily! For those of you who come already to go on the ice do not forget a change of clothes and shoes for off ice activities.  This happens every year so double check your bag. Outdoor activities may vary if weather mandates.  

7. ALLERGIES and Medicine. If you require any medicine during the day or have an allergy we should be aware of please inform your counselor and they need to keep any medicine you need.

8. Check your Schedule. Please look over your schedule daily! Know what off ice activity you have, what is for lunch, and come prepared. We do not do substitutions. No plain pasta. If you do not like lunch please bring your own.

9. Snacks. While we do provide lunch most children will want a snack please either send a snack in with your child or there is a snack bar.  However if your child has money for the snack bar we will not monitor what he buys with it.

10.  To contact us after July 10th please call TBD.