We are back at the Seymour Hannah Sportsplex in St. Catharines, Ontario.  We will be using the adjacent football arena for off ice outdoor activities. Hot lunches are provided daily through our sponsors, as well as Gatorade throughout the day.

Instructors-In Years past we continue to provide professional on ice instructors such as:

  • Benjamin Boudreau will be joining us from Bakersfield, CA , an assistant coach this year within the Edmonton Oilers organization.
  • Andy Boudreau is returning to our staff after playing one year in the SPHL and two years in the CIS for Brock. Now a Kinesiology graduate from Brock, he is currently personal training in the Niagara region.
  • We have added Mark Metzger as a power skating instructor but also a skills instructor this year. Mark runs the Precision Hockey program in NY and worked with us last year as well.

We have an amazing professional hockey coaching staff that will be rounded out with AAA coaches from the USA and Canada.

Power skating- Mark Metzger runs his own power skating business called Precision Hockey based out of New York and has had great success teaching students from all ages and skill levels. He has worked at our school for the past few years with great results, students and parents alike both enjoy his lessons and we are privileged to have him back.

Lunches-Lunches are always popular at the hockey school. We will be having Pizza from the Pizza Company on Pelham Road, hot lunches from our friends at Swiss Chalet, Pasta from Big Marcos, McDonalds, and Beef on a bun from the Bougheners. So please look at your schedule and check to see if you have questions or need to plan an alternate lunch for any reason. We also suggest snacks are sent for each child as the days are long and they will be burning a lot of energy!

Sponsors- We would love to thank our incredible sponsors. They have supported the hockey school for many years and encourage the local community to give back. First, Buckners Source for Sports. Kim Dayaram and her Brother Ryan Buckner continue the tradition their late father, John, started with the Golden Horseshoe Hockey School.. Buckners on Welland Ave will host registration this year and do the names and numbers as we have done in the past.  Also the DIntino Family and Big Marcos Restaurant have long been a proud sponsor and supporters of the hockey school and are always happy to continue helping out. Loreto Vetrone and Swiss Chalet have been great supporters of the hockey school as well and continue to be admirable leaders in the community. Albert from The Pizza Company is as amazing as the pizza he delivers and the entire Katz Family at McDonalds for all their help, lunches, and prizes now and in years past.

Registration- SUNDAY JULY 27TH-Registration will again be held at Buckners Source for Sports on Welland Avenue in St. Catharines. A great way to get those skates sharpened, pick up tape or laces at the same time you pick up your jersey and hand in your waiver (if it has not already been handed in).  Please look over the schedule and come at the assigned time. However if you need to come earlier or later you may as we do realize that everyone has other commitments as well. Once again each child will have the option of having his name and number placed on his jersey that day. For only $10 per jersey, each child may choose to have his first, last, or nickname on the jersey and his/her choice of number.  This is not required but a fun thing for the kids. Also again this year if you cannot make it to the registration, email us prior to registration we will have your jersey ready and waiting when you arrive.  Then when you arrive to check in on the first day of camp, pick up your jersey and no waiting. HOWEVER!!! I do need this information before July 20!!! Questions? Please email us at GoldenHorseshoeHS@yahoo.ca.

Weekend Games-  Everyone who attends the hockey school has a game on Saturday August 8th.  The game schedule will be posted at the arena. This game is a lot of fun and counts for the most points so we hope you can all make it. It is a great time to invite grandparents and family to come watch.

We will do our best to accommodate any special requests but will not guarantee you are with a certain person. We reserve the right to move kids between groups if needed based on ability and at the request of the instructors. We aim for the best program and sometimes it is necessary to move kids to create equally talented groups for good competition.  We hope you enjoy the school, have fun, learn hockey, and make memories.  Schedules have been finalized however as always if any change occurs it will be posted to the website.

As a friendly reminder, we have an open door policy. You may come and go as you wish and watch all or parts of your childs day at camp.  However we do ask that you avoid the lunch room and locker rooms as those are very crowded.  Any child over 10 will be asked to tie their own skates, once tied if they need tightened we will gladly help.